Bulmers Forbidden Flavours Launch

August 21, 2015


Our Cider Family just got Bigger

Forbidden Flavours join big brother Bulmers/Magners in our new cider house launch in July 

The flavoured cider market in Ireland is on the up, Bulmers (ROI) & Magners (NI) is the number one cider and that’s where it intends to stay. But, it’s time for something new for the twenty-somethings of the world.

This summer, we have taken on the might of the market with the launch of our Forbidden Flavours. It’s time for something that’s a little edgier, four new bottles of sweet deliciousness in a choice of Cloudy Lemon, Strawberry & Lime, Juicy Pear and Berry Berry, while Magners will launch with Cloudy Lemon, Strawberry & Lime for now.


The Forbidden Flavours will make its mark with a greater sense of naturalness, authenticity and heritage over competitor brands, who we reckon have been on tenterhooks awaiting this news (or maybe not, but they’ll definitely be interested).


Forbidden Flavours will appeal to the person walking into a pub and wanting something truly refreshing, with a bit of an edge and a hint of sweetness. You know that feeling when you stand at the bar or drop into your off license and think, what do I actually want; well, that’s where we think Forbidden Flavours will step in and satisfy all palettes.  It’s just that kind of drink.


Forbidden Flavours will be available in 500mlottle in both the On & Off Trade from July.

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